40 Puppies ~ 31 Agility Championships ~ 5 USA/AKC World Agility Team Members ~ 5 Cynosport World Champions ~ 2 Crufts Participants ~ 1 AKC Agility Invitational Winner ~ Many National Finalists & Regional Winners

Upcoming litter:
Ch Mystic's Security Blanket MX MXJ PT AAD "Lynus" to be bred this winter to MACH3 Bluefire Hemi Powered AAD TM ROM "Wow

FMI: Information@speedoggie.com
Performance Homes ONLY

Wow! and Lynus
" Lynus "
" Lynus "
" Lynus "

Congratulations to all the Speedoggie and Bluefire Puppies!!!

Speedoggie Border Collies
Mayhem x Frenzy

(MACH4 ADCH-S LAA-B Quicksilver Ready
Aim Fire TM-P SACH-G ROM x Sagehill
Latest Craze AX MXJ AD AJ ROM)

View Speedoggie "Crazy" and "Fire" litter music video on YouTube
  "Crazy" Litter 10/28/01
Speedoggie Already Crazy "Yikes!" Owned by Chris Parker
Speedoggie On A Crazy Spree "Spree" Owned by Anne Braue
Speedoggie Ewez Crazy Bonjon "Hailey" Owned by Daniel McDonnald
Speedoggie R U Plum Crazy "Twisted" Owned by Kim Lamb
Speedoggie Call Me Crazy "Psyche" Owned by Kathy Clement
Speedoggie Crazy For Ewe "Dash" Owned by Cheryl Hoye
Speedoggie Stir Crazy "Frazzle" Owned by Tinna Brown
Speedoggie Crazy Like A Fox "Foxie" Owned by John Courtney
  "Fire" Litter 7/28/04
Speedoggie Breath Of Fire "Brisk" Owned by Anne Andrle
Speedoggie Fire In The Hole "Bam" Owned by Donna Brown
Speedoggie I'm On Fire "Flicker" Owned by Janet Weyers
Speedoggie Playing With Fire "Romance" Owned by Janet Gaunt
Speedoggie Rapid Fire "Zoom" Owned by Kathryn Stein
Speedoggie Trial By Fire "Ember" Owned by Marta Courtsey
Speedoggie Firestorm "Zip" Owned by Joe Coles
Speedoggie Fireworks "Pyro" Owned by Terry Tritle
Speedoggie Light My Fire "Stomp" Owned by Tinna Brown
  View Speedoggie "Gurl Power"music video on YouTube

"Gurl Power" Litter 7/20/07
Speedoggie Soul Power "Dig-It!" Owned by Chris Parker
Speedoggie Power Strip "Tease" Owned by Janet Weyers
Speedoggie Power2Thrill BonJon "Thrill" Owned by Bonnie McDonnald
Speedoggie Latin Power "ChaCha" Owned by Amy and Becca Smith
Speedoggie Gurl Power "Ms. Pink" Owned by Karen McKee
Speedoggie Power of Love "Cora" Owned by Nelci O'Brien
Speedoggie Solar Power "Arie" Owned by Susan Mann

Family Reunions!
Dogs (left to right) Pyro, Romance, Bam, Ember, Flicker, Zoom
Dogs (left to right) Back row: Gust-O (Bluefire), Whip (Bluefire), Trace (Timeless)
Front row (left to right): Pyro, Stomp, Flicker, Ember, Bam (all Speedoggies)

Bluefire Border Collies
Mayhem x Credit
(MACH4 ADCH-S LAA-B Quicksilver Ready Aim Fire
TM-P SACH-G ROM x MACH Sagehill All Charged Up)

"MayDit" Litter 4/12/04
Bluefire Hemi Powered "WOW!" Owned by Chris Parker
Bluefire Causin' Commotion "Scream" Owned by Ann Braue
Bluefire What Was I Thinkin' "Jace" Owned by Lisa Ross
Bluefire My Oh My "Zippity" Owned by Denise Thomas
"MayDit Again" Litter 3/13/05
Bluefire Tax Man Cometh "Tax" Owned by Gayle & John York
Bluefire Whippin' Up A Storm "Whip" Owned by Sue Tovino
Bluefire Making Waves "Splash" Owned by Cheryl Hoye
Bluefire Perfect Storm "Flurry" Owned by Ann Croft
Bluefire A Touch of the Bubbly "Kir" Owned by Katie Tolve
Bluefire Gayle Force Winds "Gust-O" Owned by Sharon Gilligan

"Third Time's A Charm" Litter 4/24/08
Bluefire n' Speedoggie's Last Laugh "Got-cha!" Owned by Chris Parker
Bluefire's Rapid Refund "Check" Owned by Gayle & John York
Bluefire's Synergy "Synner" Owned by Ann Braue
Bluefire's Way Too Cool "Cool" Owned by Lisa Ross
Bluefire's A Winkle In Time "Winkle" Owned by Sue Tovino
Bluefire's Speed Of Light "C" Owned by Sue Rocco

Family Reunions!
Tax (Bluefire), Credit, Scream (Bluefire), Spree (Speedoggie)
Jace (Bluefire) & Yikes! (Speedoggie)
Whip, Tax, Credit, Scream
Left to Right: Janet Gauntt & Romance (Speedoggie), Denise Thomas &  Zippity (Bluefire), Sharon Gilligan & Gust-O (Bluefire), Anne Andrle & Brisk (Speedoggie), Sue Tovino & Whip & Winkle (Bluefire), Donna Brown & BAM (Speedoggie)
Five Speedoggies Compete AT THE 2007
AKC/USA WORLD Agility Team Tryouts!
Ann Braue & Scream (Mayhem x Credit) & Spree (Mayhem x Frenzy), Mayhem & Chris Parker & Wow! (Mayhem x Credit), Daniel McDonnald and Hailey (Mayhem x Frenzy)

Huge congratulations to Ann Braue and Spree for once again
winning a spot on this years AKC/USA World Agility Team!

  Chris Parker & Mayhem  
Ann Braue & Spree  Chris Parker & Mayhem   Frazzle